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Saturday, April 18




A Summer at Harvard Forest: Exploring Off-Campus Research through an REU https://keene.zoom.us/j/909555712Mentor: Karen Seaver • Audrey Kaiser • National Science Foundation Owl Assist – Chatbot for Keene State College  https://keene.zoom.us/j/988756905Mentor: Meenalosini Vimal Cruz • Matthew Pittendreigh • SSH Student Stipend Award Phytophthora and the Emergence of New Pathogens in Eelgrass https://keene.zoom.us/j/625988486Mentor: Cynthia Hays • Julian Murphy Rehabilitating a Political Swearword: “Neoliberalism” https://keene.zoom.us/j/783489164Mentor: Wes Martin • Ryan Meehan • August-Morris Honors Program Student Understanding Neural Network Behavior Using Small Changes in Network Connectivity https://keene.zoom.us/j/511249245Mentor: Caitlyn Parmelee • Cameron Spiess • SSH Student Research Stipend HS Sequences https://keene.zoom.us/j/356372899Mentor: Vincent Ferlini • Danielle Wiley "Age Cannot Wither": Modern Considerations of Shakespeare https://keene.zoom.us/j/121632593Mentor: Brinda Charry • Kathryn Spadafora • Autumn Lagace-Hazeltine • & Michael Costa • August-Morris Honors Program Student Aspiring Students https://keene.zoom.us/j/663407046Mentors: Mark Schmidl-Gagne & Katie Robinson Film Theory: The Power of the Motion Picture https://keene.zoom.us/j/728907737Mentor: Teresa Podlesney • Jacqueline Pantano • Jarrod Bernier • Anthony Paquin • & Vance Wile Race, Gender, and Economy in American Modernism https://keene.zoom.us/j/569594547Mentor: Michael Antonucci • Rowan W. Hawthorne • Sydney M. Eichner • Alexa M. Unger • & Jeremy S. Landers



Gothic Feminist Fiction https://keene.zoom.us/j/721158509Mentor: Brinda Charry • Lexi Palmer • Summer Undergraduate Research Fellowship awarded by the Center for Creative Inquiry Keene State College: Hazards of the Steam Heating System https://keene.zoom.us/j/793612400Mentor: Ralph Stuart • Kristen Perras Steinhaus Triangle Problem https://keene.zoom.us/j/984091309Mentor: Vincent Ferlini • Jackson Turni Teaching Strategies That Support Students Who Stutter in the Classroom https://keene.zoom.us/j/498188013Mentor: Sandra Howard • Jason Coburn The Current State of Poland https://keene.zoom.us/j/962693502Mentor: Wes Martin • Thomas Townsend • Summer Undergraduate Research Fellowship awarded by the Center for Creative Inquiry • August-Morris Honors Program Student Greek Life Student Leadership Panel https://keene.zoom.us/j/922499297Mentor: Jayme Hines • Greek Life Leaders Orientation Leader Student Panel https://keene.zoom.us/j/457604442Mentors: Casey Justice & Matthew Schmidt • Isabelle Handy • Colin Bent • Zak Grupp • Veronica Pamphile • Tyler Young • Lillie Morgan Chris Stimson • & Morgan Rosen • August-Morris Honors Program Student Race, Progress, America (the United States and the Progressive Age) https://keene.zoom.us/j/295518327Mentor: Michael Antonucci • Theresa A. Derry • Alexis Ladebush • Erin E. Lynch • Savanna L. Rovazzini • & Ethan L. Sweetland World Premiere: "Stopping by the Woods on a Snowy Evening", a piece of music for solo piano inspired by the poem by Robert Frost https://keene.zoom.us/j/199907311Mentor: Heather Gilligan • Tyler Martin




Developments in 20th-Century Art Music: Euro-American Modernism in Aaron Copland’s Sextet https://keene.zoom.us/j/961968866Mentor: Joseph Darby • Alex Wilderman • Tyler Martin • Kelly Uselton • Ryan Sinclair • & Brandon Curio Psychological and Physical Considerations of Chest Binding for the Pedagogical Singer  https://keene.zoom.us/j/201311746Mentor: Sandra Howard • Lucas Mendelsohn Purposeful and Casual Technological Use: Relationship to Anxiety and Depression in College Students https://keene.zoom.us/j/653394757Mentor: Donna Viveiros • Alexandra Phillips • Center for Creative Inquiry Grant The Link Between Sleep Quality and Stress Reactivity https://keene.zoom.us/j/725608017Mentor: Harlan Fichtenholtz • Emily Whitman • Center for Creative Inquiry Grant Wintertime Air Quality, Woodsmoke, and Air Inversion Research in Keene, NH https://keene.zoom.us/j/865404224Mentor: Nora Traviss • Elizabeth Abrevaya • August-Morris Honors Program Student Hybrid Identities, Transculturation and the Notion of American Identity  https://keene.zoom.us/j/900381847Mentor: Patricia Pedroza-Gonzalez • Emily Bunszel • Sara Getchell • & Emily Hunt Independent Cinema: Creative Negotiations https://keene.zoom.us/j/492935346Mentor: Debra White-Stanley • John Kelleher • Zachary Rioux • Tyler Thompson • Jacob Egan-Boothroyd • & Dylan O’Connell • August-Morris Honors Program Student Internship Panel https://keene.zoom.us/j/889625896Mentor: Kristin Brooks and Chitra Akkoor • Nathan Flyzik • Paige Rust • &Kerry MacKay Strengths, Challenges, and Relationship-Building: Experiences of Student Government Leaders https://keene.zoom.us/j/364732793Mentor: Jennifer Ferrell • Student 1 • Student 2 • & Student 3 Appeal of Murder: A Student-Written Performance On Justice, Revenge, and Perception https://keene.zoom.us/j/569558088Mentor: Kristen Reigler • Megan Lummus • Ashley Jones • Alyssa Grosso • Jessica Bourque • Alec O'Rourke • Ruby Dupuis-Morrison • AJ DelGornio • & Vincent Moore



Effects of Enhancement and Suppression Cueing on Long Term Memory  https://keene.zoom.us/j/468895394Mentor: Harlan Fichtenholtz • Janis Gaudreau • NH-INBRE • Center for Creative Inquiry Grant Developments in 20th-Century Art Music: American Modernism, Cultural Transformation, and Leonard Bernstein’s Mass https://keene.zoom.us/j/359339628Mentor: Joseph Darby • Kelly Uselton • Tyler Martin • Brandon Curcio • Alex Wilderman • & Ryan Sinclair Effects of Moderate Physical Activity on Concussion Symptoms https://keene.zoom.us/j/693429092Mentors: Wanda Swiger • Melanie Adams • Mya-Ann Tschopp & Marissa Lamoree The Effectiveness of Vaping among Keene State Students as a Cessation Method https://keene.zoom.us/j/282697968Mentor: Stephen Clark • Lindsey Sitaro The Psychology Behind Empathetic Characters in Creative Writing https://keene.zoom.us/j/977956227Mentor: Irene McGarrity • Leah Carlson First Person Filmmaking: Exploring Our Lives Through Film https://keene.zoom.us/j/222774186Mentor: Ted White • Peter Kelleher • Sydney Robinson • & Casey Brown • August-Morris Honors Program Student Professional Writing for Nonprofits https://keene.zoom.us/j/995181474Mentor: Katherine Tirabassi • Emma Brown • Denise Ronan • Arianna Jones • & Emily Hill SURF Panel https://keene.zoom.us/j/720369077Mentor: Meriem Pages • Lexi Palmer & Thomas Townsend • Center for Creative Inquiry Grant • August-Morris Honors Program Student Student Activism Roundtable https://keene.zoom.us/j/158644247Mentor: Taneem Husain • Jedidiah Crook • Macie Flammia • Sara Olsen • & Amira Rosado




3 Seeds Studio Franchise Marketing Research https://keene.zoom.us/j/204930251Mentor: Ke Li • Jacob Pelligrinelli • Matthew Cianciolo • Allie Bradshaw • & Nicholas LaValley A Look in the Mirror: Find Your Match in the Craft Beer Industry https://keene.zoom.us/j/798548586Mentor: Jeff Halford • Sophie Bushey Developments in 20th Century Art Music: Samuel Barber's Despite and Still, Op. 41 (1969) https://keene.zoom.us/j/625548561Mentor: Joseph Darby • Tyler Martin • Kelly Uselton • Brandon Curcio • Ryan Sinclair • & Alex Wilderman Does Absence Make The Heart Grow Fonder?: Navigating the Effects of Distance on Sexual Relationships https://keene.zoom.us/j/293756569Mentor: Jeff Halford • Mary Winn Exposure Assessment of Manganese in Welders https://keene.zoom.us/j/978248669Mentor: Brian Bethel • Brandon Paul • Thomas O'Rourke • & Tyler Rollins Franciscans, Fugitives, and Freedom in the Chumash World https://keene.zoom.us/j/323588052Mentor: Marie Duggan • Teagan Hudzik Public Perceptions of Female Criminality https://keene.zoom.us/j/280501974Mentor: Angela Barlow • Emma Conant Technology and Math: A Connection that Empowers https://keene.zoom.us/j/724940645Mentor: Beverly Ferrucci • Madison Pawela • August-Morris Honors Program Student The Effects of Ankle Taping on Lower Leg Muscle Activation https://keene.zoom.us/j/451397133Mentors: Wanda Swiger & Melanie Adams • Kestin Bunnell & Lacee Greenan The Innovative Software Engineering Methodologies Facilitator https://keene.zoom.us/j/838117706Mentor: Elvis Foster • Glenna Tremblay-Taylor & Halie Martineau


Conference Reflection and Discussion Room including Q+A with AEC Committee Members and Faculty Mentors https://keene.zoom.us/j/185252706 Benefits and Drawbacks of Incorporating Biochar on New Hampshire Farms https://keene.zoom.us/j/237063527Mentor: Thomas Webler • Madelyn Thomas • Carlee Schettino • & Maria Tenore Blocking Fatty Acid Synthesis as a Way to Potentially Treat Breast Cancer https://keene.zoom.us/j/314740536Mentor: Paul Baures • Maddison Ouellette • NH-INBRE Combating Stress in College Students https://keene.zoom.us/j/998440535Mentor: Margret Henning • Dana Beauregard • Jessica Madore • Marianna Panakis • & Meghan Campanella Comparison of the Impact of Diesel and Biodiesel on Heart Function https://keene.zoom.us/j/437131168Mentor: Susan Whittemore • Casey Koziara • Audrey Kaiser • & Timothy Brodeur • INBRE - Institutional Development Award • August-Morris Honors Program Student Detecting and Defending against Botnets over TOR https://keene.zoom.us/j/376744503Mentor: Wei Lu • Chance Tellier • STEM Does Smoking Cigarettes or Using Juul Affect Cardiorespiratory Fitness? https://keene.zoom.us/j/888600022Mentor: Melanie Adams • Sarah Willson & Sophie Hayes • August-Morris Honors Program Student Effectiveness of Extracapsular Ligament Sprain Treatment: Intermittent Compression vs. E-stim  https://keene.zoom.us/j/810284504Mentor: Wanda Swiger • Sabrina Foster Effects of Thermal Vs Non-Thermal Modalities on Chronic Tendinopathy https://keene.zoom.us/j/357164508Mentor: Wanda Swiger • Kristina Biancardi Electoral Management System https://keene.zoom.us/j/212077546Mentor: Elvis Foster • Quinlan Wood Elementary school principal’s knowledge, attitudes, policy and practices regarding childhood lead exposure https://keene.zoom.us/j/124485120Mentor: Meg Henning • Madelyn Thomas Energy Justice for Low to Moderate Income People in Keene, NH https://keene.zoom.us/j/956082632Mentor: Thomas Webler • Lauren Peyser & Maia Roderick Evanescent--Exploring the Fleeting Quality Life Through Movement Research https://keene.zoom.us/j/664794806Mentor: Cynthia McLaughlin • Lindsay Gibbons • August-Morris Honors Program Student Examining Outdoor Recreation in Vernon, Vermont https://keene.zoom.us/j/450351315Mentor: Sasha Davis • Lindsay Penn • Michael Centuori • & Dale Dubinsky Food Insecurity, Homelessness, and Related Effects on Campus ttps://keene.zoom.us/j/496321854Mentors: Dena Shields & Amanda Hickey • Elyria Gordon & Tana Meyer For Athletes with a 1-2 degree Acute Lateral Ankle Sprain, Is E-stim as Effective as Intermittent Compression in Relieving Pain? https://keene.zoom.us/j/567910044Mentor: Wanda Swiger • Sabrina Foster Hootie's Rides https://keene.zoom.us/j/794778349Mentor: Ke Li • Annalissa Baker • Allison Whitehead • Shannon Weisensee • & Paige Spanos Hospital Based Food Pantry for Food Insecurity and Chronic Disease https://keene.zoom.us/j/300829440Mentor: Dena Shields • Tana Meyer Is Rehabilitation Exercise More Beneficial in the Treatment of Labral Tears? https://keene.zoom.us/j/819411964Mentor: Wanda Swiger • Jordyn Martin Lifestyle Factors That Affect Microbiome Development in FPIES Children and Allergy Free children https://keene.zoom.us/j/208569533Mentor: Jeanelle Boyer • Brian Reese • NH-INBRE • August-Morris Honors Program Student Living Economic Wage Analysis System: A Software Engineering Research Project https://keene.zoom.us/j/118266635Mentor: Elvis Foster • Drew Pickett • SERI Playing Games: When People Cheat https://keene.zoom.us/j/604433311Mentor: Harlan Fichtenholz • Angelise Melanson & Hailey Fisher • NH-IBRE Productivity and History of Beaver Brook https://keene.zoom.us/j/530813527Mentor: Thomas Webler • Gianni DeMasco • Samantha Cantone • & Caitlin Scanlon Quantifying the Social Behavior of Shoaling in Xenopus laevis Larvae  https://keene.zoom.us/j/639834923Mentor: Susan Whittemore • Moriah Audette • INBRE seed grant Reducing Food Insecurity and Chronic Disease Through A Hospital Food Pantry https://keene.zoom.us/j/891952402Mentor: Dena Shields • Tana Meyer Relationship Between Sedentary Behavior and Tobacco Smoking in College Students  https://keene.zoom.us/j/326454221Mentor: Jeff Timmer • Samantha Audette & Dillon Dodge STEM in Education https://keene.zoom.us/j/504361818Mentor: Kim Bohannon • Madison Clement Stonewalls of Chesterfield https://keene.zoom.us/j/867053098Mentor: Sasha Davis • Sydney Dudda • Michael Lappen • & Isaac Thompson Stormwater Management in Keene, NH: An Analysis of Flood Mitigation and Low-Impact Development Techniques https://keene.zoom.us/j/418973097Mentor: Sasha Davis • Bryanna Weige • lCynthia Clausen • & Daniella Giese Taking their Life by their Own Hands: A Study on College-Aged Men’s Barriers to Seeking Help and Suicide  https://keene.zoom.us/j/555496772Mentor: Kirk Sanger • Rebecca Putnam The Chilling Truth About Melting Ice and the Northwest Passage https://keene.zoom.us/j/294097714Mentor: Sarah McGregor • Breanna Lester The Difference in Behavioral and ERP Responses to Static and Dynamic Facial Expressions https://keene.zoom.us/j/689401843Mentor: Harlan Fichtenholtz • Megan Marshall The Impact of Attention on Creative Cognition https://keene.zoom.us/j/645953471Mentor: Lawrence Welkowitz • Taylor Caccia • Center for Creative Inquiry • August-Morris Honors Program Student The Impact of the 2018-2019 U.S. Government Shutdown on Joshua Tree National Park https://keene.zoom.us/j/822878741Mentor: Thomas Webler • Lindsay Penn • Creative Center for Inquiry The Logic of Appropriateness https://keene.zoom.us/j/845738234Mentor: Cynthia McLaughlin • Grace Lonergan The Relationship Between Sedentary Behavior and Body Composition in College Students https://keene.zoom.us/j/845787704Mentor: Jeff Timmer • Kirsten Youngstrom • Joselynn Holt • Melissa Rushton • & Westley Morris The Relationship of Sedentary Behavior and Blood Glucose in College Students https://keene.zoom.us/j/502421475Mentor: Jeffrey Timmer • Chris Bell The Role of Hope and Hopelessness in Substance Use ttps://keene.zoom.us/j/306130437Mentor: Anthony Scioli • Vanessa Nichols The Weaponization of DNA https://keene.zoom.us/j/893733084Mentor: Dana Smith • Miranda Cloutier Understanding Dyscalculia https://keene.zoom.us/j/177659831Mentor: Karen Stanish • Erin Morley